The Common Sense of Recycling

The problem of global climate is no longer debated by credible scientists. However, by every person making small changes the global contribution to the problem in great. Recycling is just one small thing we all can do to help reduce our carbon footprint.


In the last fortyyears, the amount of trash generatedin the United States has nearly tripled. In 2005 we generated245 million tons. As the volume of trashed has increased, so have our recycling efforts. In 1980 America recycled only 9.6% of its trash and today the rate is up to 32%.


We continue to believe in the environmental significance of recycling, but more than ever, recycling must be economical. A recycling program that doesn't reduce costsor generate revenue from the recyclables is doomed to fall victim to budget cuts as the political winds shift.


Recycle Nations is in the business of creating economical recycling programs. We work with businesses, governments and individuals to not only save the planet but to save money.


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