About Recycle Nations

For more than twenty-five years, DataGuard USA has been a customer-focused company providing leading edge economic and environmentally sound recycling and information destruction services. DataGaurd's programs are designed to meet the current and future needs of businesses and individuals in the communities it serves. Our customers are loyal and our customer service is legendary. As an end result of what we do, we save about 3,000,000 trees a year, conserve resources, energy, and water, and extend the useful lives of landfills.


DataGuard started in the recycling business in July 1977 expanding in 1980 to include paper shredding (later known as the information and product destruction business). The company continuously develops new products and services. DataGuard uses the latest technologies and operates some of the most efficient production systems in the industry Global Positioning Satellites keep track of company trucks, digital surveillance cameras provide security, and a computerized information system helps assure reliable and almost flawless service. High speed baling equipment and efficient sorting systems provide DataGuard USA cost leadership. All of this provides competitive advantages, allows DataGuard USA the opportunity to support customers better, and helps DataGuard USA in partnering to consistently achieve the goals of its customers.


DataGuard's value proposition is coupled with a determination to do business based on a set of core values and a Code of Ethics. DataGuard believes in setting an example as a good corporate citizen. It values its employees and its customers. It offers quality and safety. It believes good individuals keep their commitments. DataGuard knows that these values create a business that lasts, that serves, and that provides a higher value to all companies and individuals.

DataGuard's goal is to provide service to our customers through energetic and enthusiastic people that operate at a high level of personal initiative. Request a quote to find out how we can serve you.