Junk Mail

Most American households throw away unwanted solicitations from credit card companies, home equity E-Z: checks, offers for loan consolidation and even catalogs and magazines with our names and addresses printed on them. Before you disgustedly deposit all this junk mail in the trash, stop.

By just throwing junk mail away, we are doing a great deal of damage—to our planet and potentially to our wallets. Removing your name from mailing lists can help, but the junk mail keeps coming. Personal shredders take a long time and jam easily, leaving you even more frustrated and heading back to the trash can. Now there is a better way to shred and recycle, .

Start Recycling

Each year, we fill our landfills with over 4.4 million pounds of junk mail. The equivalent of over 259,000 trees. Instead of contributing to the problem, use and turn your trash into recycled paper products.

Stop Identity Theft

In the hands of the wrong people, your trash can become their treasure. Identity thieves pay dumpster divers to retrieve the offers you've passed on. They open accounts in your name and use them to run up huge bills. The average victim of identity theft spends 60 hours trying to clear up their credit records. Or worse, if your identity is used in a crime. Your next traffic stop could land you in jail until your "real identity" can be straightened out. Instead of leaving your personal information in a trash can where anyone can find it, use and put your personal information beyond access was started to offer individuals an easy and affordable way to securely destroy and recycle junk mail or any documents with personal information. You simply find a cardboard box and fill it up with junk mail, bank statements, check books, etc. Then log on to, print a shredding label and affix it to your box. and FedEx will pick up your box from your doorstep and deliver it to an AAA certified shredder, who destroys it, box and all.