Computer Recycling

The average computer monitor contains about 8 pounds of lead. Lead can also be found on computer circuit boards. The mercury, lithium, and cadmium found in many PC batteries are toxic at high levels. Other toxins, such as PCBs, are used in computer capacitors and are also hazardous.


Every year more than 80 million personal computers became obsolete. However, only 14% of these computers are recycled. That equates into 16 million pounds of lead, 456 thousand pounds of cadmium, 89,400 pounds of mercury and 272 thousand pounds of hexavalent chromium


Your computers pose another danger. The data recovered on hard drives can be used for identity theft or corporate espionage. When you recycle old computers make sure that the hard drives are shredded before recycling to prevent the uninteded use of your data.


For recycling just a couple of computers we recommend Ship 'n' Shred. For offices or larger volume please fill out a quote request for a customized solution. .