Lead Return Policy

Return requests must be submitted within 3 business days of the lead being sent to you.

Acceptable reasons for returning a lead

  1. The lead is not in your service area.
  2. The contact information provided in the lead is inaccurate and make it impossible for you to contact the customer.
  3. The lead contains information that is inaccurate or misleading. (e.g. Customer requests ongoing service and upon contacting the customer, the actual volume is only a couple of boxes at a residence.)
  4. A competitor placed the lead in effort to gain competitive intelligence.
  5. The lead is a duplicate to another lead recently received from Shred Nations.

Unacceptable reasons for returning a lead

  1. Customer choose another vendor.
  2. Pricing constraints. Shred Nations cannot be held responsible for your pricing structure.
  3. Time frame in which customer is making a purchase.
  4. You do not respond to lead in a timely mannor.
  5. Lead was also acquired through other channels.
  6. Customer chooses to dispose of material through alternative means.
  7. You did not receive the lead email. Email communication can fail for many reasons beyond the control of Shred Nations. Please check your account regularly for leads.

Unresponsive lead policy

Should you be unable to contact a lead and provide them with a quote within a 3-day period from receipt of lead request and Shred Nations receives similar feedback from one or more additional vendors who received the same lead, Shred Nations will issue a credit. Should Shred Nations not receive similar feedback from any additional vendors, no credit for the lead request shall be issued.

Lead return process

  1. Leads can be returned by replying with a copy of the lead and a reason for the return request.
  2. Once your request is processed you will be notified if it was approved or if it wasn't the reason for that decision.
  3. A credit will be placed on your acount for the amount of the lead.